This too shall pass! (It better!)

So what was a very quick update, to say that i’m a bit unwell and depending on the recovery process i’d post when possible! Has turned in to a mini epic

I got a sudden fever in the office on wed the 4th of september and thought I just had a nasty kidney infection! My plan was to get back to work by thursday…

Well as i said I’d let you know who wins the battle: me or the naughty bug! Raaaaarrrrrr. It’s become slightly more serious than will power and my travel first aid kit can handle oops.


4 thoughts on “This too shall pass! (It better!)

  1. daveshraga says:

    pics to come soon… when i can figure out how to insert them in to a reply, any suggestions?

    I woke up and got excited because the pain in my leg has almost gone, then the nurse removed my massive bandage and ‘most’ of the angry red swelling has gone too, except for my ankle; but then the doc told me it looks good but to avoid surgery i have to stay in another 5 days :/

  2. daveshraga says:

    so far no complaints about Goa’s healthcare system, quite efficient even if its a bit archaic. As for my condition, the plot thickens… it somehow seems I’ve been skilled enough to get two unrelated bouts of septicaemia at the same time! The kidneys is from a bladder infection, but my leg, which has now ballooned and been wrapped in the worlds biggest bandage (pics to come) is ‘possibly’ from an insect bite but it’s a mystery really.

    I’m currently in the SSU which is the equivalent of I/HCU or otherwise known as the departure lounge! Not my favourite place, I spent too much time in these critical care wards when I bust my neck!

    Just spoke with surgeon Borknagar, who is a great doc and seems to be very clued up on tetraplegia, which is unusual anywhere else except a spinal unit, so i’m impressed. He’s organised an air mattress, and has said that he’ll get me moved out of SSU asap. Good times in India man!!

  3. daveshraga says:

    So it seems the bug has beaten me… I now have septicaemia from my kidneys which has spread to my right leg! Saw a doc this morning and he’s booked me in to a hospital for an IV antibiotic… hopefully i’ll be out in 24hrs!

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