Sleepless in Goa – 21.08.13

Another terrible night. The noise at night here can be unbearable! Apparently, that is according to Rene (my land lady) August is ‘dog month’; although I haven’t been able to work out what exactly that means and if this is her personal theory or a locally renowned myth… either way the dogs have been on full form lately.

There were dogs howling and barking at each other, at the moon and at her shadows, the armies of mosquitos were singing their high pitched life draining war cry as they dived at me to get their share of blood, then the Koel and the local Cockerel had their testosterone filled auditory war for territory. The seconds ambled by and eventually the light arrived, but instead of peace coming with the early, pale, glow, it was accompanied by the rain. The rain came down like angry customer complaining that last nights chorus had been weak and understated, it rushed down, suddenly and violently as if to give a performance of what real noise is; succesfully ensuring that any last chance of a few minutes slumber, were smashed a thousand times over, with every drop of water that crashed on to my roof.

As if this barrage of vocal, sleep warriors was not enough, I had my own body revolting against me; one of the gifts I gave myself from snapping my spine and damaging half the nerves in my neck, is not being able to control my legs… However the term paralysis while medically correct is highly inaccurate! My body is not paralysed, it moves! just not when or how I want it to. So, in the middle of the night, usually as i’m about to drift of in to a sweet dream, my legs will suddenly and eagerly decide to go for a run without me, jolting and dragging me back from the precipis of deep, soft, restful sleep.

I long for silence or at least only noise of my own choice. Today I’m buying ear plugs and tonight I’m going to poison my body with the best of medical technology, yes a few anti-spasm tablets before bed should both knock me out and paralyse me properly!

Yours truly,

Eagerly awaiting sweet sleep…


One thought on “Sleepless in Goa – 21.08.13

  1. Crawford says:

    Great reading so far mate! I am looking forward to reding more as the weeks tick by.
    I hope you have managed to get some sleep now? I’ve had first hand experience of the ogre that is a tired shraga! I even wrote a song about it! Lol!
    Glad to see our trip to Africa has made an appearance in here too….and a lot of MY photos! I’ll get the royalties bill written up!
    It was certainly one of my most adventurous trips to date!
    I am very jealous that you are having another adventure now, without me!
    You deserve to enjoy it though so make sure you do!

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